HK Millward
Photo Restoration
Enhance, colour, repair & print

Photo Restoration

Enhance, colour, repair & print


About Me

Born and raised in Bollington since 1988 - My interests have always involved photography, crafts and art. After graduating from Aberystwyth Uni with a 2:1 in Fine Art, I worked part-time as a retoucher for a local business dealing with images for business and family purposes.

Please do visit my website to get in touch or take a peek at my various other works.

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~ Process ~

I can work with your original photos or material you have scanned yourself.
All improvements are done in Adobe Photoshop to restore contrast, colour balance and remove blemishes.
Finished items can be e-mailed to you, reprints are also an option!

~ Contact ~

For quotes or queries, feel free to attach a sample photo and e-mail me at:

Collect & Deliver
I am happy to handle any original photos within Bollington town! Free service but weather dependant.
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